Rudyard Training Site Prices

With effect from January 2020, the charges for hiring our Rudyard Training Site are as follows:

  • Per Person on Site
    • Per Session (morning, afternoon or evening) - £2:25
    • Per Day - £4:50
  • Additional charges for use of buildings and site
    • The Ridgway & Franklands
      Per Day - £70
      Per Weekend - £125
      Per Week - £230
    • Franklands only
      Per Day - £30
      Per Weekend - £60
      Per Week - £100
    • Camp Site and Toilets only
      Per Day - £15

For Scout Groups within the Staffordshire County area, please enquire with our booking Secretary for alternate prices.

A weekend with a two day charge per person is regarded as beginning on Friday evening and finishing on Sunday evening.

During the May to August Season the minimum charge for use of the buildings is as for ten people on site: e.g. The Ridgway and Franklands for the Weekend has a minimum charge of £125 + £90.= £215