As a part of the Scout Movement all members of the group wear a uniform, our uniform is based around both the usual land scout uniform and that of the Royal Navy.  The Troop Forum agreed in September 2009 to adopt a not-so-strict uniform for our usual Wednesday meetings, whilst maintaining the high standards expected of Sea  Scout Troops for more formal occasions.

The picture below shows what makes up our uniform. Those Elements highlighted in red, are part of the full unform which should be worm for special occasions, such as St. George's Day parade. Presentation Evenings, AGMs and when meeting other Sea Scout Groups. For all other times, including most wednesdays and Camps, the general uniform items should be worn.

Optional additional items of uniform are highlighted in Green.

Inspection Requirements

To maintain the above standards each Wednesday a brief inspection is carried out (Each patrol is inspected by a Patrol Leader from one of the other patrols and the results are relayed to the Scout Leader).  In addition to the uniform Requirements listed above, scouts are also expected to bring with them

  • Their record book or membership pack, in which their progress though the badge scheme can be updated.
  • A working pen or pencil

Uniform Standards: