Duty Patrol

Each meeting a Duty Patrol is appointed (according to a rota).

The Duties should be carried out by the whole patrol, under the guidance and support of the PL, assisted by his or her Assistant PL.

It is expected that different scouts will do each of the duties during the evening and each of your duties week. It is not up to the PL or APL to carry out most of them and equally the PL and APL should take an equal part in the evening duties.


  • Bend Colours to halyard at start of meeting
  • Colours, pipe Still and carry on (as skills permit)
  • PL/APL to lead Colour Ceremony
  • Tuck shop
  • Sweep floor, ensure all chairs and tables are away
  • Colours (at end of meeting) pipe still and carry on (as skills permit)
  • Put colours back in troop cupboard.