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Colours Ceremony - Procedures

During the Colours Ceremony, at the start and end of our meeting the following procedure is used.

  1. The Duty patrol (lead by its PL and APL) select a Colour Party from its members
  2. The Leader  leading the ceremony says “Troop Alert” and asks the Duty PL to “Carry On”
  3. The Duty PL says “Troop, Facing the Colours, Left and Right turn”. The troop turns to directly face the colours
  4. The Duty PL says “Colour Party Advance”. Who unties the Red Ensign from its cleat.
  5. The “Still” is piped on the Bosons Call, preferably by members of the Troop, otherwise by the leader
  6. Once this is completed the Colour Scout  raises the Red Ensign
  7. Once hoisted and cleated, the Duty PL/APL says “Troop Solute”
  8. The troop solutes for around 3 seconds(When the colours are raised only!) . Once the salute has finished, the “Carry on” is piped.
  9. The Duty PL/APL says “Colour Party fall in” and the Colour Party turns and returns to their place.
  10. Once returned to their place, The PL/APL says “Troop, Facing Inboard,  Left and right turn”. The troop turn to face the centre of the “Square” formation as usual.
  11. The Leader says “Troop stand at ease” and organises inspection.

At the end of the evening, the above ceremony is repeated, with the colours been lowered instead of raised and no solute is made, after the prayer and notices are read are out.

Note: Members who are not yet invested or are not uniform should not salute when the colours are raised, instead they should make a small bow as a mark of respect