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Colours and Related Items

At the start of each meeting or camp, we have a short ceromony to raise the Natinoal Flag of the UK.  As Sea Scouts - who are associated with the Maritime Community, we "wear" the Red Engisn. The Red Ensign is one of the UK's National Flags - the same as the Union Flag (often called the Union Jack).  We raise the Red Ensign as part of a ceronmy more closly associated with Naval tradition - than you would see at a traditional Scout "Flag Break".

This ceromy is called Colours. This is because the Red Ensign (and any other National Flag) is known as the country's Colours, just a Football team's strip may be refeered to as thier colours.

Duty Patrol

Each Week, a Duty Patrol is appionted. This is usually done on a rota basis, so all Patrols get a fair turn. There are number of duties which the patrol is expected to carry out during the evening. These duties should be lead and organised the Patrol's Patrol Leader (PL) and assitantant Patrol Leader (APL)

Our Colours Ceromony.

The Colours Cermony starts, with all Scouts Lined up in thier patrols,  facing the centre of the Hall, with the Adults, leading the ceronmy at the Front.

The leader will start with a short a introduction, and the Flag is raised following the standard procedure.

Lowering  the Colours

At the end of the meeting, All scouts again fall into patrols. And one of the leaders will lead the troop in the Scout Prayer. They will say something may use the following or similar, instructions

Troop, Troop Alert
Caps Off
[All Boys and Gentleman remove thier caps, Caps are placed with the Cap Tally or Cap Badge facing outwards under the left arm]
Troop Stand at Ease,
Let us the say the Scout Prayer

After the prayer, the leader will say

Troop Alert
Caps On
[All Boys and Gentleman simply replace thier caps
Troop Stand at Ease
[Caps can now be adjusted to fit straight etc.]

After which the Colours are lowered using a similar ceromony to when they were raised, however there is no need to salute the Colours when lowered.