Our Group is run and relies on the support of volunteers. We would like to encourage friends and parents to volunteer. There are many different ways you could support the group, most don't involve any commitment, very little time and you won't need a uniform.

If you think you might be interested in volunteering to help the Group, please speak with any of our section leaders or our Group Scout Leader, Frank. Frank Can be contacted at gsl@89thstokeseascouts.org.uk or on 01782 659 324.

There are many different roles available and each can be adjusted to suit individuals. Some of the most common roles are (click to see more details):

Occasional Helper (OH)

Becoming an Occasional Helper is easy and straight forward, simply fill in one form (which includes the CRB checks). There is no commitment, simply offer your help to one of our sections if and when you can. These roles are ideal for parents that would like to offer some small support, with one or two activities, or perhaps support one of our camps. Perhaps you could help us run the odd game, help with catering on a camp or just generally help out at the occasional week night meeting.

Committee Member

The Group's committee oversees and activities of the group, particularly with regards to its finances, the HQ and our Training site at Rudyard. The committee is lead by our Group Chairman Malcolm, and includes ex-officio members (such as our GSL, some section leaders, treasurer, secretary etc.). We also encourage parents from each of our sections to become members of the committee.

The committee meets about 5 times a year, usually at our Hanford HQ. Meetings last around 1 and half hours.

You can ask to join the committee at any point during year. Some members need to be elected each year at our Annual General Meeting.

More information about Group Committees is provided by the Scout Association, in this supporting Fact sheet.


HQ or Rudyard Support Team.

Our HQ and Training Site are well used by all our sections and form the back bone of the activities we can offer. They also provide an income to further support the work of our sections, and keep our subscriptions down.

They are both run and supported by Frank and Anne, if you would like to support the maintenance, development and looking after of either of these sites, there are many ways you could help. Just get in touch with Frank for more details.

More Involved Roles

There are many other roles available, most of which involve at little more commitment, a longer more involved application process, and possibly some training. These sort of rules include:

  • Sectional Assistants - More regular support for regular evening and/or activities than an occasional helper. Uniform is optional and a small (two evenings) amount of training is required
  • Leaders - Organising, Running and supporting Regular evening meetings, camps and activities. Uniform is required and full training is provided.
  • Other officers - such as Administrators, fund raising chairman etc.

More detailed information about these and other Possible roles can be found on the scout.org.uk here


In support of the Scout Association’s Safety policy all our adult volunteers are CRB checked.