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Group Team

Shaking GSL at AGM.gifThe Group is ably led by our Group Scout Leader Frank. Frank leads a large team of Leaders, including our Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders.

As well as the Leaders, the Group also has an Executive. The Executive's job is to oversee the the running of the Group and its assets. The Executive is led by the Chairman Malcolm. The Group has a Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Secretary who are all members of the Executive Committee.

The activities and programmes across all Sections of the Group are supported by an able team of occasional helpers and skills instructors. Our skills instructors are qualified in a number of different activities such as sailing and pulling. As such we are able to offer a wide range of water based activities. Our occasional helpers are usually parents of members and help out at the occasional meeting night or camp. Training and support is provided for all our Leaders and skills instructors.

There are many more people who contribute to the running of the Group including quartermasters, maintenance "Staff", administrators and Group supporters. We are always looking for more adults to help. If you are interested in joining our team of adult volunteers, please speak with Frank or take look at our volunteering pages.

If you are interested in joining the adult team at the Group Click here

The Group is a Registered Charity that welcomes donations and legacies. If you are interested in donating please contact the Chairman.